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  • What is a planetary reducer?
    The planetary reducer is a transmission device that converts the high-speed and low torque output of the servo motor end to the low-speed and high torque output of the reducer output end through the transmission of the planetary gear train. Its main function is to reduce speed and increase torque.
  • What are the advantages of NEUGART?

    1. Long history: NEUGARTA is 91 years old
    2. Global sales network: 6 subsidiaries worldwide
    3. Quality assurance: the accessories are all made in Germany, and there are two assembly plants in China and the United States
    4. Rich product series: 10 series, hundreds of reduction ratios
    5. Compared with other European brands: shorter delivery time and more favorable price
    6. There are 8 offices nationwide
    7. Strategic partnership with several brand servo motor manufacturers

  • What are the types of reducers?
    1. Worm gear reducer: with reverse self-locking function, it can have a large reduction ratio, and the input shaft and output shaft are not on the same axis or plane; Large volume, low transmission efficiency and accuracy.
    2. Harmonic reducer: the harmonic drive uses the controllable elastic deformation of flexible components to transmit motion and power, with small volume and high accuracy; The disadvantage is that the flexible wheel has limited service life, is not impact resistant, and its rigidity is poor compared with that of metal parts. The input speed cannot be too high.
    3. Planetary reducer: compact structure, small return clearance, high accuracy, long service life, and large rated output torque.
  • What are R+W couplings?
    Bellows coupling, elastic coupling, diaphragm coupling, drum gear coupling, long shaft coupling and safety coupling (torque limiter)
  • Which industries are reducers generally used in?
    Laser cutting machine; Lithium coating machine; Digital printing machine; Various packaging machinery (pillow packaging machine, vertical packaging machine, filling machine and labeling machine), printing machine (rotary printing machine, gravure printing machine, die cutting machine); Parallel manipulator; The seventh axis of the robot; Aluminum processing center; mulch applicator; CNC pipe bender; Computer spring machine; Pharmaceutical equipment (light inspection machine) high-end woodworking machinery; AGV trolley
  • Analysis of Straight and Helical Gear Transmission of Reducer
    Straight gear transmission: high transmission efficiency, long service life, easier processing
    Helical gear transmission: low noise, high speed, stable transmission and good rigidity
  • What factors are associated with reducer noise?
    1. Motor speed: the higher the speed, the greater the noise
    2. Reduction ratio: the more step speeds, the greater the noise
    3. Lubrication condition: good lubrication, which can reduce noise and heat
    4. Load condition: the greater the load, the greater the noise